Sunday, August 03, 2008

WASSIMA Art Deck - Week 7!

OK - I haven't put mine together yet....but I have the PROMPT*!

Woke up EARLY (6:30 am) because I couldn't wait to get back to reading "Breaking Dawn" - (seriously, ladies - if you haven't started this series--what are you waiting for?) And I was pleasantly surprised to see the SUN had returned (after a dreary overcast day yesterday)...and I had just enough French Vanilla Creamer to make an iced coffee in my new Starbucks cup....and at 1pm little miss will be arriving and I cannot wait to try the new outfit on her from the O'Tooles (thanks! pics asap!) and I had plenty of time to scrap a few more pages in Sirryha's book, plan the shopping bag scrapbook for Mikayla, and there you have it---a perfect day and today's prompt!

*Week 7 Prompt: A Perfect Day. What would yours be? Mine always involves a NONWORK day, reading and/or some sort of creative endeavor, and/or family fun time. If I were a hockey player, I think I would have just experienced a HAT TRICK! If i were a baseball player - I'd have racked up a triple play? (Am I getting ANY of these sports analogies right? Have no idea where they came from, as I don't BEND let alone engage in strenuous exercise.)
On other happy notes:
  • Shouting out CONGRATS to two creative inspirations who are EXPECTING BABIES!! First - Karalenn (Penelope Crackers!) - oh Karalenn please join our art deck journal again!! I miss your enchanting paintings!! And second- Ali Edwards! This news makes me so happy...feeling the baby love mojo so strongly these days.
  • Speaking of baby love.... Sirryha is STARTING TO WALK! Took a few steps for her daddy for the first time on Friday - and I witnessed it too, yesterday. WOW. Time is FLYING by. How can she be ONE already?
  • Big CONGRATS to Amy for her entry into the publishing world with her Somerset acceptance for her fairy house!! So excited and happy for you. So, so, so love your VISUALIZATION practices! Cynthia....I am continuing my visualization for good health for your mom....thanks, Amy, for the idea! It reminded me of the visualization Gildna Radner recounted in her book about her ovarian cancer. You can read it described here (sorry, couldn't find a direct link to the book passage)...this idea has always stayed with me in the back of my mind (and I read the book over ten years ago)...thanks, again, Amy for reminding me to pull this out and bring it back into my life!

I could go on, for some reason today! Feeling much love and gratitude to my family and INSPIRED PEEPS for sharing all their artistic gifts and nurturing me along the are all a blessing to me!



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amy said...

what a sweet post. you are so wonderful. i might have to start reading that series too but i'm afraid of become addicted!!! also thanks for the tip on gilda's book. sound like something i'd like to read too. thankyou.