Saturday, May 02, 2009

C is for Coffee, Cookies and CRAFTING!

Ohh...had a blast last night with my BFF AIMEE at the Creative Inkling class! (AIMEE--SERIOUSLY - why do we not take fabulous pictures of ourselves when we are together?!? sheesh. ) The crop was at the House of Coffee coffee Shop in Peddler's Village - the project was a minibook made of cardboard coffee cup clever is that? And the embossing powder was COFFEE SCENTED! oh for cute!

And oh my stinkin' HECK the new Bind-it-All is PINK and I finally have one after coveting it for oh-forEVER! (NIKI AND EMILY - GET YOURSELVES OUT HERE TO CRAFT WITH ME! It is fabulous!)

{Loved the color of that chalkboard in the coffee shop...forgot to ask Dave the Barista if he knew what brand that paint is....would love to do a wall in the kitchen....hmmmm....}


Stella said...

oh that is so adorable! and PEddler's Village! Love that place!!

Can you believe that Inspired is in, like, 4 days??? I can't wait to give you a big hug!

Also? Remember last year, when I broke in your coffee stain stamp before you even had a chance to try it?!?! OMG! :)

jenwcom said...

that is the coolest idea EVER!! i don't even drink coffee and i would be there!