Sunday, May 03, 2009

P is for PANIC!

OMG! How can it be only FOUR MORE SLEEPS 'TIL INSPIRED?!?!?!

Can wait to see my WASSIMA peeps and hug you all and squeal over our projects. hee.

(Yes, Larry. It is indeed like GIRLSCOUT CAMP FOR GROWNUPS. We make no apologies!)

Left to do? Oh not know...the usual....
  1. A zillion loads of laundry

  2. Pack

  3. Finish acquiring/sorting/packing/organizing/reorganizing/rechecking supplies! (Determined NOT TO OVERPACK. Keep reminding myself!)

  4. Figure out the route Aimee and I will take to get there on Thursday....(think "Lucy and Viv Take to the Road" ...oh yeah. Geographically Challenged meets Directionally Challenged. Thank heavens for navigation systems!)

  5. Finish APRONS!

  6. Figure out which photos to bring...

  7. Print photos.

  8. Remember to charge phone, camera and video camera for Thursday drive. (and pack chargers!)


  10. Haircut?


Aimee said...

ohhhhhhh- i want a pedicure too-

won't get one as my week has slipped away from me- but i want one!!!!

i swear- i am ususally not directionally challenged. but i do have a garmin. do not fear.

jenwcom said...

i love that pedicure and hair are on your list. they're on mine too. but everything else comes first so i probably won't get to them. :)

amy said...

sooz your posts make me laugh!!!!

Cynthia said...

Hey Sooz:) Oh you crack me up:) Oh do have a lovely time:) I will be there in creative spirit:) Can't wait to read all about it:) Have a wonderful time sweet sooz:)