Monday, May 25, 2009


YoYo's are my latest obsession....but I don't want to applique them on teeshirts or purses....I want a full coverlet! Of course.

....and,um, did you know it appears you need a mere 24 12" squares to make a twin-size quilt?

And guess how many of these midgies equal one 12" square? that's right...about FORTY-NINE.

In the words of Miss Mikayla, reporting on an episode of "Whatever, Martha" in which she made a yo-yo quilt - that will take "a WHILE." .
No joke.
(I KNEW I should have bought the EXTRA LARGE yo-yo maker!)


Cameron said...

Um, you are NUTS! That will be beautiful but you are NUTS NUTS NUTS! :) I guess one yo-yo at a time, one square at a time, and eventually you'll be done! :)

Aimee said...

okay- nuts wouldn't cover it---

but i digress- do you think that my brownie troop could make yo- yos?

i love you and your yo you obsession

jenwcom said...


my grandmother taught me to make yo-yos long ago. i think i have a yo-yo quilt somewhere... hmm... need to go look for that considering it probably took FOREVER to make.

so glad you are doing this!