Monday, May 11, 2009

One down.....six or eight to go!

Finished my Jennifer Stewart project from INSPIRED today. Loved this class...want to make one in GREEN with my new Heather Bailey fabrics!

...and a yellow one....and a pink one....and PURPLE ONES FOR Cynthia and Sandy! (hee! KIDDING!)

Jennifer Stewart wins the prize for most fabulous presentation in her classroom...her set-up was divine--Heather Bailey fabrics for table cloths...silver trays lined up holding bowls of glitter....a tiered stand holding spools of ribbons and lace....and a lovely tin tray filled with antique buttons....I so appreciate her attention to details! I didn't want to leave the class--the three hours felt like 3o minutes and I could not wait to unpack my stuff and finish this project today. Now THAT is inspiring!

Swirls, girls!


Cameron said...

I know! I wish I would have remembered to take photos of her set-up! I was so busy having fun and making my project that I didn't think of it until too late!

cynthia said...

Hey there sooz:) Oh I am enjoying every little snippet of inspired. You go girl on finishing your projects:) I still have to finish mine from last years. Oh and Jennifers class does sound divine:) I demand pictures:) Love your project:) Please no purple Sooz NOOOOO:) you crack me up:)

Cameron said...

p.s. My word is "us," too! :)