Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Face.

#1 Answer to "where have you been and what have you been up to?" is "Having adventures with Sirryha." Last weekend was the ZOO, today was a bit of shopping (new clothes and a stroller! Hello summer---we are ready for you now!) and in between was lots of walks (and lugging home HUGE ROCKS from the pit in front of the mailboxes...please don't report us to the homeowners' association! Rob and I return them when she isn't looking!)...and visits to the park for swinging, swinging, swinging, playing on the sliding boards, and watching the ducks.

Can't stop grinning over these photos from today! She was so funny! Totally posing and flirting and hammin' it up for the camera. (She is in LOVE with CHAPSTICK. Burt's Bees and Banana Boat Sunscreen for Kids versions. Yes...she eats it. And then tries to wipe her teeth and tongue off with her fingers.)

And then she gives me this face when I say "smile!" [CLICK!] priceless!
...and 75 or so snapshots later...I think she's officially "bored of this."
I, on the other hand, cannot get enough! SERIOUSLY. How do full-time moms get anything done besides staring at their lovebugs? And squishing and hugging and kissing their whole face? Seriously. And how on EARTH do you stand the wait until they can talk in full sentences?


Cameron said...

Awwwwwww... what a great post! Love it! She is SO STINKIN' CUTE I can't stand it! That first photo is priceless... I had a hard time getting shots like that of my niece with her natural smile because as soon as the camera comes out she smiles like in the second shot. Cute but not quite the same. :) Super cute!!! :)

amy said...

adorable. to answer your question full-time moms DONT get stuff least not everything they want to!!!!

jenwcom said...

she is super stinkin' cute!!!! seriously, her skin, her eyes, her HAIR!!! i love it. can she come to inspired?