Saturday, November 14, 2009

2009's Project Grateful {#3}

Saturday's Grateful List:

  1. "Morning pages" with Sirryha!
  2. Produce Junction and raspberries and strawberries for 2 dollars!
  3. That Sirryha is so well-behaved and helpful and FUN in the grocery store.
  4. Sirryha's love for clementine's and strawberries - "more, please."
  5. Hearing Sirryha speak in longer and longer sentences each week.
  6. A fun visit with Jan, Emma and Tessa (it went too fast, Jannie! Next time we start earlier!)
  7. The sound of kids laughing, running and playing. (Thank you, Emma, for being so kind to Sirryha today! She loved visiting and playing with you and Buddy!)
  8. Wild Harvest Organic brand Black Bean Tortilla chips, with no trans fats!
  9. Messages from Lyndee and Lar about Thanksgiving plans....we love the preparation and anticipation as much as the actual holiday! xo
  10. My sister Lisa, for sharing her vintage fabric stash with me. xoxox
  11. Cousins.
  12. Homemade soup weather.
  13. Trying new recipes that my family likes.
  14. My set of AllClad pots.
  15. Having so many wise women in my life.
  16. That Sirryha still wants to be held (they do grow up too fast!)
  17. Jurges family Christmas plans include more presence than presents again this year! We love having company over the holidays!
  18. Tomorrow's forecast includes SUNSHINE!
  19. Family owned quilt shops - love when the husbands pitch in even tho' sewing/quilting is clearly "not their thing!"
  20. Artists who upcycle and craftcycle like THIS brilliant idea! Every kitchen should have at least one of these!


cynthia said...

Love the morning pages with Sirryha! Adore your list my friend:) Thanks for being one of the wise women in my life!

Jilliene Designs said...

What a wonderful blessing to have Sirryha in your life - an obvious source of unending joy LOVE THAT!