Thursday, October 29, 2009


I think that is the right word? Creating something new and useful from something that would otherwise be tossed? (or is it "UpCycle?" I like both.)

So you may recall the ORB quiltalong from a few months ago. And a bunch of my gals agreed to swap our scraps afterwards....and I have to tell you...I think I like the SCRAP BAGS better than my STASH lately (still so hard to CUT INTO THESE FABRICS sometimes! But give me a ziplock baggie of "scraps" and I can play and create for hours on end.)

And one of my favorite bags from the quiltalong swap was from Jilliene - who made her quilt using Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks fabrics (yum yum and yum). Her scraps were SKINNY...but lookie how SKINNY FABULOUS they look as bookmarks?
(thanks for being so patient, Jilliene! I owe you a scrap stash baggie!)

HOW-TO: Start with a substrate (these are Shout Color Catcher sheets folded in half lengthwise.) Lay your scraps of fabric down along one side, right side up. Stitch in place. Add another scrap of fabric next to it. Stitch. Continue til you have the look you like. Turn over and do the same with the other side. If you don't like the raw edges - fold a few scraps over the edges and stitch in place. You get the idea....
(I just noticed these look like psychedelic bacon strips the way they are laying on that highchair tray! Sorry...too tired to reshoot! hee)


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SooZ your genius girl. I want one!!!!!!! I thought of you, I sewed last night for the first time since Home Ec. It was so fun:) Have a fab Halloween!