Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009 Project Grateful {#8}

Lynne and Lar, Thanksgiving Day, 2007 this photo!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful ...
  1. That we are a mere week away from another Thanksgiving dinner with the Cohens/Gilmans!

  2. For a happy phone call from my friend who was STRESSED TO THE MAX a day ago. Glad it is "all better again."

  3. For Panera Bread's chicken and wild rice soup on a cold rainy night.

  4. For Johnson's (No More Tears) No More Tangles spray.

  5. For Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus because I love the way Sirryha says her name and is mesmerized by her singing and dancing. (O.M.G. you have to see the new dance moves!)

  6. For my Rowenta Professional Iron. I {heart} steam!

  7. For Rob honestly not caring that the ironing board has become a permanent installation in the living/dining room. (Yes, I know I should install one of those hanger things in the stairwell to the basement....but.....)
  8. For "off brand" rotary cutter blades that WORK JUST AS WELL AS THE OLFA BRAND at a fraction of the price!
  9. For blog recommendations from friends, like this one. I know I would enjoy it if only I had more time!
  10. For how happy it makes me when I find Sirryha's little pencil scribbles on my lists. : )
  11. For the set of hexagon paper piecing templates from Bryne sewingthe quilt shops....I've wanted to try these ever since I saw this:
  12. For free online tutorials like this: (in case I never get around to a full quilt of Hexagons!)
  13. For podcast interviews.
  14. For multilayers. (In hairstyles, fashion, art, and best of all - PEOPLE.)
  15. For surprises.
  16. For restaurants that serve "tiny bites" desserts. (A ramekin of cherry cobbler with a mini scoop icecream. YUM with less guilt!)
  17. For Kleenex (I love to iron...but hankies for blowing your nose? Ewwwww.)
  18. For twinkle lights. Indoors or out....they are strings of happiness.
  19. For Origins Ginger Essence perfume (still my favorite scent!)
  20. For stick gum that still comes with printed wrappers so I can gum wrapper chains when I stuck somewhere with nothing else in my purse to occupy me!

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