Friday, November 13, 2009

2009's Project Grateful {#2}

(Sorry for the repeat image from last year...but seriously....I do so love FRIDAYS.)

Continuing with my's 20 things for which I am GRATEFUL:

  1. My sister Jackie...

  2. ...and that she lives 5 minutes away...

  3. ...and takes such good care of me (and everybody!) bringing me my favorite Starbucks drink, almonds, fresh fruit, and a yummy Kasi bar....

  4. ...and for manning my table at our company craft fair (thanks, Sister!)

  5. For my craft fair earnings which will help me restock my quilting thread supply!

  6. For a REALLY FUN (and REALLY DELICIOUS) lunch today with the West without Borders team.
  7. For old family photos.

  8. For fabric scraps from friends....that are my most favorite items to create with of late.

  9. For an extra hour alone to finally finish the binding on my scrappy CONFETTI QUILT (using Anna Maria Horner Good Folks, scraps, Jilliene!)
  10. That Sirryha still rushes over for HUGS when she walks in. xoxo
  11. That Sirryha loves to read with her daddy.
  12. That Teesha Moore posted YouTube videos of her lettering techniques (along with her other art journal videos.)
  13. For Target's prescription auto-refill service.
  14. For a planned date with AIMEE for a CROP DAY! xoxoxo
  15. News that a friend had a great first date (to counter a recent breakup).
  16. Finding cool jewel-tone sprinkles to use for holiday baking/chocolate making.
  17. WASHABLE paints for our little artist!
  18. For online free quilting and sewing project tutorials like this one and this one and this one.
  19. For movie and book recommendations from my cousin JoJo!
  20. For reconnecting with old friends. : )

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cynthia said...

What amazing quilt sooz!!! love more of the gratitude! And do have fun at the Aimee Crop!