Sunday, December 27, 2009

What I'd rather do....

...when I should be doing something like cleaning up my crafting messes, or any other basic household chore!

The result of the snowed in Saturday of December 19: a new runner for this side table (the last one had a few burn marks from some candle mishaps. For a while now, the table was bare, but it isn't in very good shape, and I haven't committed to painting I thought a nice little bit of red and white would help!)
These were all scraps/pieces from my stash (as I couldn't have gotten out to the shops if I wanted to what with the 15 inches of snow and all....) and I managed a few pillow tops to match, too!

Hmmm.....I can keep these out through Valentine's Day, right?
P.S. The photo is one of my all-time favorites of my mom. Circa 1959, newly married, black tights and a gold silk tunic, platinum blonde hair, holding a set of bongo drums she bought for my dad for Christmas (...because he "always wanted to be a drummer.") The lampshade is festooned with simple ball ornaments suspended by silk ribbons - tres chic. (I need to update that frame! I think I know just the thing.....will require a trip to Home Goods!)

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cynthia said...

Of course you can keep out until Valentines! It is fabulous!!!! And you know I am so loving the cool picture of your Mommy:) I do hope Christmas went well Sooz!!!!!