Sunday, November 15, 2009

2009 Project Grateful {#4}

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grateful for:
  1. Serendipity. (The restaurant, yes, but moreso the actual occurances. May as well toss in the movie, too. I {heart} John Cusack.)

  2. CUPCAKES (I know it is trendy, but I love them. In food or art form!)

  3. TWITTER, cause speaking of cupcakes, how cool is it that you can track/find food mobiles like THESE?

  4. THE INTERNET. An encyclopedia at your fingertips. Seriously. How did we survive without it?

  5. VELVETA CHEESE, and that it has not yet been outlawed. I know it isn't REAL FOOD but it is truly yummy in mac 'n cheese. If you don't believe me, go try this recipe.

  6. Lazy mornings with no need to look at the clock.

  7. Super smart women who write authentic BLOGS.

  8. That Rob and I "get each other."

  9. Sunny beautiful weather today.

  10. TWEEZERS (seriously--the witchy chin hairs? ew.)

  11. GOOD hair clips that HOLD YOUR HAIR without wimping out and breaking or peeling (I think these were from JCrew, right Lyndee?)

  12. Kelly's text messages that CRACK ME UP ..."and whatnot!" (hee. see? it's funny!)

  13. Only 5 more sleeps 'til NEW MOON! (swoon!)

  14. Text messages from Emily about her comings and goings and fun shops she visits that she promises to show me when I visit her at college. xo

  15. Men who still hold doors for women...

  16. ....and women who still teach their sons to do so (like the nice lady at WaWa the other day.)

  17. Remembering to take KLEENEX to the dance recital ('cause I always bawl when the wee ones take the stage for the first time!! Fer cute!)

  18. Finding a new restaurant, by accident, and loving it. (Firecreek in the Old Paper Mill in Downingtown for those nearby!)

  19. Finding the Tiffany earring I lost EONS ago because they are still my favorite (thanks, lovey xoxo)
  20. Kindness shown when it is least expected.


Jilliene Designs said...

I love Velveeta but don't normally admit it b/c of the whole "not real food" thing. Thanks for telling the truth. Geesh - its not like its government cheese (remember?)

Cameron said...

LOVE this list! Love the mom teaching her son to hold the door and the good hair clips and that you found your earrings! :)