Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2009 Project Grateful {#7}

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

  1. for a much overdue visit with Jill! (always a wonderful soft landing....)
  2. ...and getting to take part in her bedtime routine with her fabulous kids Scott and stinkin' cute.
  3. ...and sipping hot chocolate in a beautiful mug while sitting at her kitchen table with nothing to do but chat for a few hours...
  4. ...and knowing that we will see each other again next week on Thanksgiving! xo
  5. for learning my cousin is expecting a healthy baby girl!
  6. that Rob picked up my Rx for me at Target. xo
  7. that I had more than enough cash on me for the tolls tonight (I usually FORGET. I never carry cash.)
  8. for Rob's mindfulness example.
  9. for not sweating the small stuff (and the wisdom that comes with age on what "the small stuff" includes.)
  10. for my sister Lisa, for sharing her stash of vintage fabric from Gram. xoxo
  11. for a project/assignment at work I am enjoying.
  12. for the Wegmans by L&L that is still accepting orders for fresh turkeys this year (my Wegmans is not! What is up with THAT?)
  13. for news of "negative" test results for a family member.
  14. that postage stamps are self-adhesive (can you believe we ever LICKED them?)
  15. for self-serve, 24-hr access to postage machines and scales at the post office.
  16. for a winning $12 instant lotto ticket in my purse that I had forgotten about!
  17. for knowing I have more than enough and everything I need.
  18. for lots of sticks on my cell phone when I wasn't sure when I last charged it!
  19. shops that don't charge extra for gift wrapping!
  20. for "getting over it" that this blog post will NOT have a photo. (refer to #9.) : )


cynthia said...

A nothing wrong with a post without pictures:) And super yea! for self adhesive stamps!!!!!!!

Cameron said...

The postage stamps made me laugh! Too true! :)