Saturday, November 17, 2007


Lucky me! Another WEEK OFF from work starts much to do (how can it be a week since that last post!) OK...let's catch up!

THE! QUILT! is almost done! After a few false starts with the fabric selection...last weekend I went back to Lancaster and bought the backing - it is a yummy celery green and cream damask - the binding is cream with blue and green little tree-like designs (all from the MODA Shangri-La fabric line). I am doing the quilting part on the machine (just straight lines this time...following the rows -- very simple.) But I did hand embroider the flower patch at the bottom --Rob is anxious for his "coochie" to be done! He has class til 3 today---hoping to have it DONE by the time he gets home (how long can it take to bind it on the machine? I have no idea.) Luckily--I am NOT submitting this to a QUILTING contest---adhering steadfastly to the "straight is stressful" philosphy and enjoying just getting it all together. I think a "crazy quilt" is my speed!! OH! and did you see the MARTHA STEWART show on the 15th?! Anna Maria Horner is my new favorite fabric designer (I had purchased a few pieces of her CHOCOLATE LOLLIPOP fabric a few weeks ago to make some aprons....and just discovered her website and blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE her fabrics. BOHEMIAN and CHOCOLATE LOLLIPOP are her two line--uh, hello? Need I say more? C'est MOI!) She is quite the artist..and the woman has five children---how does she get all this DONE?
OH! Another big treat! SHIMELLE's "Journal Your Christmas" is starting again soon...and if you paid last year---you are in FOREVER! How cool is THAT? I pulled out my journal from last Christmas and I am so excited to do another one this year.....but first I must get through THANKSGIVING! : )


linda woods said...

I love the quilt! WOW!

Aimee said...

wow girl---hope you signed up for the 7th--i love being close to your ENERGY