Friday, November 02, 2007

Check another one off my list!

OK....making the most of my mini-vacay here...getting things checked off the MASTER TO DO LIST (as opposed to all the sub-lists that are all over the house reminding me how far behind I am in life in general!).....

I broke my latest rule of "holding" my magazines for as long as possible before cracking them open. (Hate how early they come...I am not ready for Christmas yet--so don't torment me with all the goodies I will want/need/have to have until after Halloween at least!). So. I start paging through the latest Creating Keepsakes (Dec issue)...and right from the start there are TONS of things I want to lift....and so I did (I AM on vacation. I can do what I want!) Totally scraplifted one of the layouts in the "Mail Call" section. And then I bit the bullet and actually POSTED IT ON TWO PEAS! Another thing checked off my list (to POST SOMETHING SOMEWHERE!)....hoping this gets me motivated to scrap (other than minibooks!) and post more.

And now that I have that out of my system, I can get back to my QUILT (also known as my "latest obsession" according to my DH! Oh they have no idea the burden of being a creative genius, am I right, ladies?)


Scrapanimal said...

LOve the lo you have make. Think you for this idea.

love Simone

The Spurlocks said...

Aren't you supposed to be organizing your scrappbooking room????? Just Kidding. Anyway we have your stuff from NYC call if you want it! Have Fun.


Aimee said...

hello, hello my creative genius friend.

i love you took a V CAY and are just following your whims.