Sunday, November 18, 2007


WHOOPIE! THE! QUILT! is finished!! The answer to the binding question is the MACHINE stitching part went quickly (once I read and re-read three different sets of directions as to HOW to do it. The Purl Bee had the best directions - they used actual photographs....and Heather Bailey's helped, too. Her set was perfect for printing and keeping handy.) The part I didn't realize was that after you stitch the binding onto the still had to fold it over and HANDSTITCH it over the raw edges....(that took me about 4 and a half hours---or an episode of Moonlight, one of Numbers, tonight's Saturday Night Live and Friday's Y&R. Thank God for DVR!) And now Rob is snoozing on the sofa beneath his new comfy cozy coochie!! Happy Happy Happy!

Pictures of the finished product tomorrow (too dark to get pics and it's way past my bedtime!)

Lyndee--did you find the LOFT fabric yet? Your's is next! xo


Aimee said...

Beautiful--can't wait to see more pics---what an accomplishment!

I am thinking about doing a flannel square blanket---have you found any sites about those?

swirls and twirls

Lisa said...

Great job. When I first started quilting the binding was a real issue for me. Congrats. All your projects are wonderful and a pleasure to browse. I love the pincushions too. Another like-minded crafter. I'll be back again.