Friday, November 09, 2007

THE! QUILT! Step Two

YEAH! The top is complete!! The batting is purchased and now I just need to make yet another trip to get the backing fabric (bought some tonight but it just isn't right. Should have waited til I can get the green that I really want. Oh dear. The dreaded PILE of fabric is GROWING! I am turning into my grandmother! ) Seriously, though-- I can't WAIT to have it all together.


Aimee said...

Just think of what you can make with the extra fabric. throw pillows, little cloth books.


Aimee said...

i just read shimelle's site and found that you are in the christmas class for free this year! yipee to you! can't wait to hear all a bout it. i am creating a little christmas book of my own. i am excited! i am borrowing Ali's idea!