Saturday, November 03, 2007

THE! QUILT! Step One

First step is complete! So far, so good. Just had to stitch together 27 is to applique the circles to the 5-inch squares - 18 of those (also planning to use the precut "charms pack" from Moda for those...this should be called "Quilting for Dummies" -- it really is too easy! Or maybe "Quilting for the Lazies" because who wants to measure and CUT all this fabric? I don't have the patience for THAT!)

edit: ooohh....didja see that big gaping seam? fixed it and reposted the photographic proof! : )


Aimee said...

that is so glorious.

what will you do with it? hand it on the wall?

drape it on a chair?

so much yummy fun---thanks for sharing.

swirls, sooz.
hope to craft a bit today-my soul misses it:)

suzi finer said...

so wish I could sew!