Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day Off #2.

LOVING the week off from work! Getting some cards made, some holiday projects going.... and in an hour heading to WEGGIES (Wegman's for the uninformed) to pick up THE! TURKEY! - 20+ pounder, fresh, premium grade (not sure what that means, but I have to have it. OH YEAH---more BREAST MEAT. It's all good, man.)

Have you seen CATHY Z's docudrama bits? She cracks me up. (Her voice is exactly what I expected, too...which is weird...because I never get that right when I "hear" someone who I only know in blogland...you know?)
Ali E is crankin' out the holiday projects. Very cool ornaments today -- I started some GLITTER ones again yesterday.....photos to follow....

Did everyone weep at the BACHELOR last night? Puleezeeeeee.....Last season was the DORKTOR (drip drip drip) and now I think old Bradley has forced me to rename the show "The Bastard" - WHAT THE? I hear the bloggers are saying he has an OLD GIRLFRIEND in the wings -- OR that tonight on the AFTER THE FINAL ROSE show (vomitfest) he will actually ASK ONE OF THE final two to marry him. WHA? Again...I swear I will never watch another of these humilationathons (right.) Just please, please don't tell me Mary and Byron split up. I really can't take it.

And the photo? My sis- and bro-in-law's new kitchen in their new house - they just moved in this month and we are cooking Thanksgiving dinner in THIS KITCHEN together. Gorgeous.

Holiday Blessings to all my peeps!! xo

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Aimee said...

did you sign up for that wonderful crop, my dear?

love the weggies--maybe i could live in their decorating section when i am not housekeeping for Ali.