Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday Shopping Fun.

Fun afternoon with Mikayla and Jackie - as I joined up with them for the tail end of their Black Friday shopfest!! No luck for me at Williams Sonoma looking for a mark-down on that GLASS TURKEY TUREEN I have wanted since last year (actually last year they were red and smaller versions I think? Either way they went on sale a few days before Thanksgiving. All gone. wahhh.) But Target had a few items I could not resist in the DOLLAR BINS....yes, I realize I don't NEED any more wrapping paper. But it was A DOLLAR. ONE DOLLAR. $1. One. Dollar.

On to Pottery much do I want to do my WHOLE HOUSE done up for the holidays in their Swedish House theme? Red and olive and a mossy green. Yum. Can't see spending $29 on one pillow covering ('cause you need a bunch of them to do it right!), although I did consider spending $6.50 each on napkins to sew my own...but I passed. My sis and Mikayla did make a purchase and managed to get me an extra SHOPPING BAG - which is making me happy just looking at! I think I will use it to hold all my holiday wrapping stash when I have to clear a space off the table for oh--say eating breakfast?

Seriously, yummy is this bedroom?
Or this one? (except without that scary pair of crows lurking ready to peck your eyes out in your sleep. What the?)


CresceNet said...
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Aimee said...

use the bag to make a of those Donna books we made...that would be yummy!

The Spurlocks said...

Cute! That was so much fun! Now back to buisnesss. We need to get together to wrap and bake. And we need to shop. I need at least two more days off AHH!! And I don't have any till xmas break. how depressing! Call me or my mom


Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE that line from PB. It's gorgeous!!!

And a dollar is a dollar... LOVE a good deal!!!