Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Week 34 - Emily Art Challenge "Funny - ha ha"

Last week's prompt was "Funny, haha" - as in "what makes you laugh? what do you find funny?" There are lots of things that make me laugh, and that I find hilarious (much to the confusion of some of my friends and family, I am sure!) But the best laughs of late come from my nephews - two of whom we spent a weeklong vacation with last month. Eth is 14 going on 40 - his sense of humor is right up my alley. He made me laugh out loud at the most unexpected times during our vacation week -- and his BORAT imitation is my favorite. (Irreverence is funny. Sorry, moms!) Landon is always ready with a CHEESY GRIN - and his "eh-hems" and "PANTS!" inside jokes crack me up. Love you guys! Thanks for being such FUN travel mates!
Sticker words Making Memories and 7Gypsies. "S" Making Memories "Heidi" alphabet rub-on; Black micron pen (date) and gel marker (used to color in the word "Joker"); white ink - Uniball Signa gel pen.

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Aimee said...

i am four weeks behind-0-- four weeks.

do you have a bind it all machine---YUMMY!