Saturday, September 08, 2007

I loves me a bargain!

Remember the "All About Me" scrapbook Kit for a Cause from last year? (Can't believe it was OCTOBER when I did that!)...of course I MAJORLY scraplifted off Ali's version....and I remember loving the glittered "A" she used on the cover. Well who'd expect that a year later, I'd come across this bargain?? Look what I found in the dollar aisle at Jo-Ann Fabric today!

So as soon as I got home and unpacked my bags from my spree (LSS and J0Ann's. Yummy) - I pulled out my book and adhered my sparkly "S" to the cover. (Also read through the book....still love it. : ) Ali's style really is timeless.)

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Aimee said...

can't wait to hear about teh Sharpie pen- i have an extra fine and a fine Sharpie white paint pen and they never look like Ali's NEVER. i hope that what you got is different so i can get it too.

the bind it all machine will be mine---it is just a matter of when.

so cool that you won the 30 dollars.

hey- do you do 12 X 12's or just mini books and such?