Saturday, September 29, 2007

I am joining the Army.

The Art Army, that is. Picked up THE LAST COPY of JOURNAL REVOLUTION ON THE SHELF at Barnes & Nobel last night. And once again, I am SO INSPIRED BY THESE LADIES. AND!! AND!!!! -- my hero SUZI! FINER! is featured! (Plus ROSIE...but while impressive, that is not as cool to me since Rosie never commented on my blog...but Suzi? Oh yeah. She did!)

And how is this for turning every day into a creative endeavor? My DH is foaming at the mouth over his PHILLIES team. They are in first place to get into the playoffs...and we have tickets to today's game. All well and good. I will enjoy it once I am there, I am sure---mostly because it makes him SO HAPPY. Don't get him started on how the Philadelphia Sports Fans have NEVER GOTTEN A BREAK. I, apparently, just DO NOT UNDERSTAND, having grown up in the CITY OF CHAMPIONS (Go Stillers!)....ANYWAY....I am thinking this morning how I really really would love a whole day to PLAY! WITH! MY! NEW! BOOK! and then I realize I can get one of those scorecard books at the game -- the program, right? And I can keep score and create a little journal/scrapbook of this momentous event for my DH. Win-win, right? Thank you LINDA AND KAREN! You really are inspirational geniuses!

Now which pens shall I take? Do they give you little pencils for the score book thingie? you think I can get through security with a glue stick? Sucks leaving my scissors at home.


suzi finer said...

Hey fellow soldier...glad to have you in our barracks!
Thanks for the sweet words...

linda woods said...

Welcome to the army! You have been added to the blogger list! I can't wait to see your scorecard journal page!