Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm Behind Again! Week 36 Emily's Art Journal

Catching up! The prompt for Week 36 was "Life is beautiful." No argument there. I went in a less serious direction than my original thoughts....I've been OBSESSED with the Russian Navy blue nail polish from OPI since seeing it in Blueprint magazine while traveling...and when I got home I was on a mission to GET IT. Finally scored a bottle in WEGMANs of all places (my local ULTA was SOLD OUT!)...OK...so there you have it. I think this "navy is the new black" nail polish is gorgeous. (Now who can tell me how to get two pics to post side by side??)
Photo is from the OPI fall collection brochure. Words from 7Gypsies paper; Rhinestones applied with Diamond Glaze; edges gilded with gold pen; Sharpie Poster Paint pen in extra fine, white.


Katie said...

Hello Fellow Scrapbooker! Just like you, I'm a Cathy Z blog addict, I recently discovered "blogs" in May 2007 (so I'm kinda new at it) but I read Cathy Z's EVERY DAY! I read her recent post about not making a mint. So I think I want to send her a bunch of MINTS and, of course, a scrapbook about mints from the people who love her! I think it would be totally cute if we put together a "photo album scrapbook" (we did this in the 2007 LOM class for Stacy J.) FOR CATHY Z!!! If you are interested, please mail me two 4x6 "pages" for the photo album scrapbook for Cathy Z. My snail mail address is Katie Scott, 4755 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33713; I'm not totally techno (my husband actually refers to me as a technology idiot - but only in the mostly loving way ;) so I can't do the email it to me thing... Just do the regular snail mail please that way I stay with my philosophy of Keeping It Super Simple! One of the pages should be a picture of you with some mints for Cathy Z! And the other can be anything you like, a Cathy Z inspired page or project or whatever you think she would enjoy! Of course, I'll be putting the scrapbook together in a mint colored album and sending it to her along with a sac of mints. Lets try to get this done before Thanksgiving so I can get it out to her before Christmas or whatever December Holiday you like to scrapbook! If you are interested please snail mail me your pages, or if you have questions, then email me at katrinkaja@aol.com or visit my blog at http://kissandtellscrapbooking.typepad.com/. :) Katie Scott in St. Pete FL

ParentesFantomet said...

That's such a cool card :)

Aimee said...

holy moly...how did this lady find you>

suzi finer said...

You'll have to edit them in photoshop or a similar program to get them totally side by side (make them into one photo...) I like to edit them to make it look like a film strip.