Thursday, April 05, 2007

She did SO mean ME!

Ok...settle in...this is one of my LONG stories....

So after being out of computer-commission for a few weeks---I get back on track with my Emily (yes, she is a Goddess) Falconbridge Art Journal Deck of Me challenge....and I am cruising along...getting my cards finished and scanned and posted...and lo and happens.

THAT'S RIGHT. Artist/Writer/Retailer/Mom--and then some.

And yes...I wrote and thanked her. And told her I was honored (probably have since gushed enough that she fears I am a single-white-female stalker type. But we all know I am not. Not really. Not in a dangerous or creepy way at least. Just geniuinely giddy over it!).

So.......I brag to my hubby..."guess what!! my blog was LINKED to a real artceleb! she said 'heard lots about you!' "and he says...."uh, do you think she thinks you are the famous one?" And then I tell this all to my artist/art director pal at work, and he goes "oh yeah, they think you are the famous one." Meaning the Susan Gilman of "Susan Gilman and Company" (yes...the manufacturers rep - the one every LSS owner asks me "are you THE Susan Gilman?" - like what, no disrespect, but does she walk on water or something? "Uh no. I am not THAT Susan Gilman. Would I be droppin' 60 skeet FULL RETAIL if I were? May I just have my frequent buyer card stamped, please?")

I refuse to buy into their negativity!! (but NO...I have not written back and asked "um...did you really mean ME? Not the famous one who could probably give you really cool product swag?") I will hold on to the feeling as long as possible! That's right. I have arrived.

(Can you imagine if I ever get PUBLISHED??????)

But the story doesn't end there.

From Suzy Finer's fabulous blog (is her banner gor-gee-ous or what??) - I found the woman featured in the latest issue of ME's Home Companion magazine. Have your seen this??? I went out last Friday night for a Barnes and Noble run to pick up a copy when I read Rhonna Farrer featured....and double my delight--there was the layout of Mary Smilove's soiree....did I want to leap into the pages or what? And guess who she is friends with? That's right. She and Suzy are friends. Suzy helped Mary with her blog banner when Mary joined the blogging cult last month. The connections go on from there -- but I'm not one to name-drop.

Now won't all the nay-sayers be feeling silly when my new friend Suzy offers to create MY banner? (Do you think it is too soon to impose? hmmmm....what would Ali Edwards do?)

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suzi finer said...

Oh, I did so mean you...I've been enjoying your challenge-answers, and checking in on your creativity. You are really talented! Hope you have an absolutely wonderful weekend...and please feel free to e-me whenever you get the urge; I trust that you are no psycho-stalker!
Love, and thanks for the ego boost!