Saturday, April 21, 2007

Art Journal page....I need a PROMPT!

I think Spring has FINALLY decided to get here. Our daffodils bloomed yesterday (thought they were goners after the freezing temps last week....but they are resilient buggers, no?) Today it was 70 degrees...tomorrow is expected to be even warmer. I think Mother Nature is having hot flashes.

And so with Spring here....I am trying to get up the nerve to JOURNAL on this page in my art journal....did the background with a light watercolor wash in metallic blue...the sun and flowers are collaged from magazine pages (Veranda...these were all fabrics...pillows and sofas. The green was a photo of ivy or something....) Outlined them with Neocolor's (and felt oh-so-Teesha-Moore doing it!)....but now I am stuck. Don't know what I want to WRITE on it...or if I do? I need an EMILY PROMPT! ha. Maybe I will get my nerve up to stamp a little something....

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