Saturday, April 07, 2007

Eggs-cellent Easter Egg Painting Adventure

Last night I, my sister Jackie and her family continued our annual tradition of coloring Easter Eggs. A few years back, Jackie decided we should use acrylic paints...and it is now our preferred method (plus she slops the dye everywhere when she tries to dip the eggs... hee hee)

Here are a few shots of the bunch. Mikayla acted as art director and designed the Lilly Pulitzer line (and the photo shoot!).....David stuck with sports--did a few football-themed ones, and ordered a second photo shoot today because somehow none of his eggs made it into the Lilly line. Jackie did her old-standbys: ducks and carrots - and added a cute bunny and even goldfish to her repetoire (most crafty!!)
Thanks for the fun as always, Sissy--and for doin' all the prep- and post-work (but not for dippin' your "oops-gotta start over" paper towel into my drinking water!)

Happy Easter!

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