Monday, April 23, 2007

Art Journal inspiration....

So very into my art journaling these days....and poring over others' journals. Revisiting my Somerset Studio's "Signatures" tonight...over 250 journal pages from 59 artists........(PLUS - it came with the 2003 Art Journal Calendar to clever are they to re-market an outdated calendar? and the paper quality is great - perfect base for altering.)
So in love with my new Faber-Castell Pitt artist pen (fine point)...learned from the guy at the art supply store that the reason I am trashing so many MICRON pens is because I press too hard--huh? didn't realize I was doing that! But this one seems smoother - and I love the density of the black -is that an Indian Ink thing?

Off to journal some is an (unfinished) piece I started on the weekend. I've had this alphabet stamp set for eons (Brenda Walters, All Night Media)---suddenly in love with it again for these pages--but I am missing the "F" - luckily, so far no F words have come up.....(which is really funny since I am such a CURSER. Guess I can alter the "E" when the time comes for some F words........)


Aimee said...

wow-this is amazing--i thought for sure you had published someone else famous on your blog but then as I read you said it was yours....gorgeous.
i must try this pen you speak of as i go through the micorns like they were disposable.
cheers to you, you beautiful life artist/

Paula said...

stunning card. gorgeous, utterly gorgeous!!