Sunday, April 15, 2007

Playing TAG!

Well as if being LINKED was not enough of a thrill for me, today I was TAGGED by Suzi Finer! (shut UP!). The object of the tag game is to "name five blogs that inspire you daily" do I chose just five?

In addition to the fabulous Ms Finer and some of the others she and Helle already are some of my favorite blogs/sites...inspiration and eye candy galore...

Teesha Moore - This woman is amazing. I check her blog for new entries daily---and though they are few and far between I don't begrudge her--the sheer NUMBER of art journal pages she has posted on her website make me wonder how many hours of sleep she can possibly be getting a night! Oh to have been at Artfest last month! Maybe next year... (direct link to her blog - let's start a campaign to ask her to post more often!)

Donna Downey: Another prolific one! Discovered her last March when I bought her Decorative Journals book ("Don't throw away your notes. Build pretty homes for them.") then took a class she taught. I've lost count of how many of the journals/minibooks I have made/gifted from her ideas....clever clever lady. She has more books in the works, she tells us...and a cd of FONTS coming, too. Can't wait! (And check out her latest pics of her studio...great organizational ideas. Oh-- and her "trash to treasure" handmade binder for her acrylic stamps....brilliant.)

Karalen Hippen aka Penelope Crackers: I discovered Miss Penelope (how great is that name?) through the Art Deck of Me Challenge on Emily's site. This girl is magic with a paintbrush! Love her stories and pictures of her family, too....what a dreamy life she has created....

Ali Edwards: "Capture Life. Create Art." The inspiring Ms Ali describes herself as a Life Artist. Love that. Love her work, her philosophy, her impeccable sense of design, her art. I admit to copying more than one of her minibooks...can't wait for her new book!
Kirsty Wiseman: In addition to being a great photographer and "digi" scrapbook artist (how kind of her to share so many free digi brushes?!? I have GOT to get Photoshop!)....this cool chick writes very entertaining posts. Love her stories--I want to hang with her!

Is that five already?! Thanks, ladies, for all the inspiration!

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Penelope Crackers said...

You are so sweet. Thank you for such a wonderful compliment! I have to admit that since I'm a bit newer to this blogging world I didn't really know what you meant by tagging me. I thought you were being silly on my comments section on my blog. When I came to look at your blog and saw this latest post I was shocked and so honored. I'm inspired by you as well and I'm excited to be getting to know you better. Thanks for your kindness. Loves :0)