Sunday, October 21, 2007

*Trick or Treat!*

How clever is my niece, Miss Mikayla, with her Halloween costume idea? She is going to be a "Movie Theater Floor." She will dress in all black, and we made a "half-sandwichboard" (front only) foam core, adhered black sparkle felt squares for the "carpet;" along the edges are mini lights that you twist to turn on--they are supposed to last for 8 hours. Then the fun part---gluing down a popcorn box, candy boxes and "spilled" bits of gummy bears, Milk Duds, a wad of bubble gum (yes--it's real---I chewed and glued!) and SnowCaps. (The fresh popcorn still needs to be added to the popcorn container.) I think she got the idea from a magazine...she and her mom bought all the pieces and Mikayla and I put it together. Her brother David is going as JACK SPARROW. Arrrrrg! How cute does he look? They had a neighborhood parade today--so he was in full regalia.....(big sister did his makeup for him, he tells me!) I*love*HALLOWEEN!

(Note how TALL my 12 year old niece is compared to her shortie auntie!)

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Aimee said...

love the costumes- love Halloween- can't wait to show you this Halloween book I have been making with my bind it all- but i digress-

go to margie romney aslett's blog and look at her studio pics along the left hand side.

holy, moly, i want to be Margie-there is alink to her site on my blog-it finally works