Saturday, October 13, 2007

I *HEART* Aprons

OK...I bought the REDVELVET ART kit in MAY because I had! to! have! that! APRON! I have been wanting to make one ever since seeing the fabulolus Rebecca Sower's - how gorgeous is that?? So it has only taken 10 months to cross THAT ONE off my list (how do these chicks get SO MUCH DONE?) - and it was SO FUN. Started at 7:45 am...finished in about and hour and fifteen minutes (and that was with an iron that is on the fritz because - uh--should have listened to mom when she told us NOT TO YANK OUT THE PLUG BY PULLING THE CORD FROM ACROSS THE ROOM. Riiiiight--in theory--that is rationale. In my life? When I wake up late for work every other day? Who has time for that? lessoned learned.)

Back to my apron-loveliness. THANKS to the Red Velvet gals for cutting all the fabric and providing great instructions with photos--cause I really am not a seamstress. I like the IDEA of sewing....but I still have to refer to the dang manual to thread the machine. And of course there is the bobbin issue. So, yes...I am a spaz and my patience level is ZILCH. But I fumbled along and I am pretty happy with it (just please don't point out to me that the pink fabric is oriented the wrong way.) I will be sporting it at my class today at The Crop Room with DONNA DOWNEY. Go me!

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RachelDenbow said...

This turned out so well!!! I love seeing the finished pieces from buyers. Lovely. I think it was my favorite project kit to make.