Wednesday, October 31, 2007

*Happy Halloween!*

Happy Halloween! Quite pressed for time on the carving tonight...but one little Trick or Treater declared "it's ok! he isn't a scary one" so it's all good, man. (Seems he was not going for the treats at the houses with the SPOOKY pumpkins!)
Speaking of scary, early in the night's proceedings, a pair of tricksters ring the bell. Standing at the door is a pint-sized Superman and his pal Batman. Before the words "Trick or Treat!" were out....Superman suddenly turned tail and scurried for the stairs, his cape all aflutter! Without his treat! Batman explained "he is afraid of that CAT!" (I didn't realize Peanut was behind me for a tenth of a second when I opened the door.) I assured Superman that THE CAT! was very much more afraid of him (not a fan of the little people, our old kitty) and after a bit of reassuring, Batman and I were able to coax the Mini-Man of Steel over with a Hershey Bar. Perhaps we should rename Mr. Peanut Mr. Kryptonite!

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Aimee said...

very cute...very, very cute. love, love , love Halloween.

talk to you soon