Thursday, October 18, 2007

Can we talk about this FABRIC?????

OK...where to start? First...the DRESS FORM PINCUSHION? How cute is that? And then...this FABRIC. Why are there no shops NEAR ME (like two steps outside of my front door, maybe? Or right next to Starbucks, perhaps? Come on...just how many times can I walk around JOANN FABRICS bemoaning the lack of GOOD FABRIC?)

So about this fabric. It's Heather Bailey's Freshcut(TM) for Free Spirit. And! And!...SHE IS GOING TO BE AT THE INSPIRED EVENT! Now I know I stumbled upon her blog at some point--or maybe a post somewhere about her studio -- which is DREAMY -- but I don't recall why I didn't learn more about her at the time. But now I have. And I am totally lusting after ALL! THIS! FABRIC! I am going to be on a MISSION THIS WEEKEND to hunt down a shop that carries it (because NO, I do not want to order online....I want is NOW)...thus far the two in my area listed on the website are no longer in biz (or at least their disconnected phones lead me to assume.)

But seriously--you must see her blog. And I must have all this fabric.

And so to dream of pretty pretty princess projects!


suzi finer said...

yes, I could do some major good with those yards,,,

Carrie said...

Oh my, my, my, that fabric is yummy!!!!!!!!!