Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Can we talk about the JOURNAL REVOLUTION again? And the FAUXLAROIDS?

...because I am so loving these! How cute is this picture of my SIL with her Pebbles hairdo?? She is turning FORTY this December (no way) and this is the front of the invite to the soiree. Yummy cardstock has a great metallic sheen - the color is called "pomegranate" but I think I'd call it raspberry. And the font? Why that is called "Brady Bunch" - and how groovy is that?! So loving the JOURNAL REVOLUTION book. Get it and JOIN THE ARMY!


linda woods said...

OH MY BUDDHA! I love your fauxlaroids! I am gonna steal your photos and post them in our blog. It's not stealing if I tell you first, though, right?
Thanks for totally making my day!

suzi finer said...

Gosh darn it if I'm not going to put them up too...what wonderfaux stuff!