Sunday, October 28, 2007

More apron love....and a NEW! PINK! IRON!

First--my latest apron creation for my dear friend AIMEE... how about my artsy pics? You have no idea how many times I had to maneuver the folds to get the closeup shots with a STRAIGHT SEAM showing.... but my sewing motto is "STRAIGHT IS STRESSFUL" so to receive a gift of my sewing labors is to accept that philosophy. It's art, right? And I am perfect just the way I create, 'cause Donna D told me so. In person. More than once.

So back to my friend Aimee. We had another fun class together yesterday at MLPA....(thanks for the YUMMY ORANGE AND PINK BAG OF GOODIES, AIM!) Our class was a 5 hour Karen Russell lecture on Photography (or --"if you haven't read your manual yet, DO IT NOW.") Good grief that woman can TALK! Whew. I listened closely (even tho' I had the dinkiest lowest-grade camera in the room!!) and took good notes. Just in case I ever really DO decide to figure out how to USE my dinky camera. Or someday wake up with a burning desire to figure out what SLR means and then become obsessed with owning one. Because I really do want those fab-o pictures. I am just too dang lazy and impatient to figure out the whole camera thing. Really. Which is a handicap for the scrap booking hobby, I realize the conundrum. OH! And I WON THE DOOR PRIZE --ADOBE ELEMENTS!! Go me! So now...when I actually DO get a good photo I can use the DIGITAL BRUSHES I HAVE BEEN HOARDING!! yeahhhhh! (and no, I did not have to dance on the table to win it. But I think I may have ruptured the eardrum of the gal sitting next to me when I SHREIKED when my number was called! (Sorry about that, Amber! It isn't still bleeding, is it? I am kidding, people! I am not THAT loud!)

OH! And a few more goodies from yesterday. You know about my IRON and the YANKING OF THE CORD causing the "on/off on/off" funfest if you don't get the plug in just right? Well I asked the DH to please do his Ralph Nader bit and research the options for a replacement....gave him the "must haves" and he actually went to Bed Bath & Beyond with the 20% off coupon and bought me a NEW! PINK! IRON! How cute is that? Rowenta to boot!! Go me some more!
And lastly---while in Michael's buying some purple cardstock for some invitations---I just HAD to find something worthy to use the 50% off coupon that was I bought a rotary cutting board for my sewing!!! Next coupon will be the good rotary cutter wheel like the quilt shop lady uses. Perhaps it will help with my straight lines issues! (Sorry for the crummy photo quality. As you can see, I still haven't read the camera manual!) And now I am off to the Pumpkin patch with Mikayla, David and Jackie! xxoo


The Spurlocks said...

Chooch, check out our blog!!!!

Lisa said...

I love the pink iron-too cute. Your apron is adorable and I love how you tied the bow for the picture. I like aprons too. They're so easy and fun to make. I'm making several for gifts this year.

Have a nice day!