Saturday, July 05, 2008

Scrap Your Day - JUNE 25 (and May!)

Ok...catching up this weekend....last week I transferred my "homemade" pages into the Making Memories calendar (ooohh that scalloped edge!) - worked a bit on the cover today -- TOTALLY copied Shimelle's idea (why fix it if it ain't broken?) - LOVE this textured paper from Doodlebug...wouldn't it be great wallpaper?? YUM. Three months down! Using the inside front cover to tack on the reminder pics Shimelle posts each month (cause I love these!) and the first page is going to be a collage of spare photos I print but don't use each month....I am getting LOTS on each page - but I want to get into the groove of repeating the same shots month to month to make it more about the details....(added a shot of the car odometer and the price of a tank of gas...will be interesting in ten years, no? Also love the shot of the shower products....don't know why, but I do! Finding most of the details I tend to capture about are only interesting to me---but that makes me love this book!)


Aimee said...

i love the idea of the price of gas and the shower products- that is so fun...i miss you--- want some crafting time with you soon!

the weddomg looked fabo- i love weddings

can't wait to see that pretty teal paper in person

twirls and swirls

Cynthia said...

What a great little book. And LOVE that paper and what you did with it. Maybe I can wallpaper my living with that:) Great post.