Sunday, July 06, 2008

Art Journal - WEEK 3! Let's Go Green!

Week 3 of our art deck journal....the theme is GREEN.

I noticed today how much I surround myself with green. I love it in all shades and in every season. Right now the leaves of our hydrangeas are a beautiful healthy jammies and pacie for Sirryha - also green! New palette of patterned papers - GREEN GREEN GREEN. IKEA fabric waiting to be turned into something - GREEN TREES. yum. Even saving the earth is a GREEN THING!
And so I give you my WEEK 3 card.....brought to you by the color GREEN (yeah--loving the old Sesame Street songs, too, with little Miss to sing to! Nik---I still remember all the words to RUBBER DUCKIE and I LOVE TRASH and of course, IT'S NOT EASY BEING GREEN. Did you know Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra both recorded "It's Not Easy Being Green?" Go, Kermie!! GO GREEN!)
Who is going to GO GREEN with me?


Stella said...

NICE! i love the string wrapped around your card! Lovely! (I might have to scraplift that one!)
I'll be doing my 3 cards tomorrow and hopefully posting them once they are done! I still LURVE your twitterpated card with the letters on it! So sweet!

Stella said...

ALSO!! Totally coveting the IKEA Trees fabric! Must make a run to IKEA for fabric!!!

amy said...

i'm on it!!

Cynthia said...

Why didn't I blog surf earlier:( I had the whole day off today. I am so gonna try to get to this tonight. Love the card sooz. Cool fabric:)