Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Ohh happy day! Love the weekend. Sunny and beautiful (good thing because we have a luau party to attend this eve!). Got lots done this morning....including printing all my pics for the "Scrap Your Day" challenge this month! (And I used every pic I printed! Lots of layering....too bulky, but it's all good, man. Just need to journal and then it's done until next month on the 25th!)

Have you INSPIRED girls seen Miss Donna's big weight loss reveal photos? OMG is she fab or what? GO DONNA D!

Still sorting through my TREASURES from my play date with STELLLAAAAA!!! Our IKEA run netted me some CUSHION COVERS for the porch chairs at last! (They are pillow covers, actually...but I jammed the chair cushions in and I LOVE the color combos. Now I want a gazillion lime/moss green flower pots to surround them! And of course a new something for the front door. And so it goes....)

Also bought this Fredrika fabric at IKEA to go with the trees fabric I bought last trip...ohhh I want to make more APRONS out of this! (Ala the ones from Emily's Italy classes!)

And now off we go to add more entries to our Summer Staycation journal!

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Cynthia said...

I love that summer book:) And so with you on IKEA. Sooz it is so good to be able to be back in the swing of blogging. I have missed reading your posts. Have fun with Stella:)