Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The big wait is over! My TINY ART LADY is done!

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Weeeeeee!! Remember my lovefest for the INSPIRED event and the colored pencil class with Kal Barteski? And my instant affection for her Tiny Art Ladies? And my NONE-TOO-SUBTLE hints to hubby about wanting a CUSTOM one of my own? (Note I am skipping over my impatient rantings about it taking too long!)
YUP. It is done!! Miss Kal emailed the jpg to Rob today and it is en route to us!!!
Here is an excerpt of what he wrote to Kal: "Her favorite colors are blue and green (and pink). She is very creative and crafts all the time. She is funny, sensitive, loving, loud and playful." (You can imagine how I cringed at the "she is loud"--uh, yeah, I KNOW I am, but I don't like it! But the rest is lovely, honey! Thanks!)
And here is Kal's beautiful piece depicting his words.....I just love it.
Thanks, honey! Happy Anniversary to us. I love you.
And thanks, Kal! It is better than I could have dreamed up.


donna said...

i simply LOVE her!!

cynthia said...

Sooz it is great to see her in person .