Monday, June 16, 2008

WASSIMA Art Deck - Getting the Goods Ready!

For those who participated in Emily (SheGoddess Herself!) Falconbridge's "Mini Art Journal Challenge" in will know why Aimee and I are SO EXCITED TO DO IT AGAIN! This was my favorite project in the last few years....and I missed it when the year was over (and shhh....don't tell.... but I still have a few unfinished prompts from the end of the year....things got a bit crazy for me so I lost my mojo there....but I still plan to FINISH! Even if i just DOODLE THE WORDS and decorate the card. In fact...that is my promise before I start the next one!! I will post, I promise!) OK...back to NOW....

Aimee and I invite the WASSIMA gals to join us (and anyone else who wants to play along!). Be sure to read Aimee's post on it, too....she has photos from her 2007 set on her blog. Some of mine can be found here. And Emily's are gorgeous as she explains all her great painting and layering techniques, so be sure to look at her examples, too. Look at the comments on Emily's cards to find others who participated last year - there were some awesome artists playing along each week.

You don't need much to get started. Just one ordinary deck of playing cards....and the rest is up to you:
  • Pull your favorite bits from your fabric, fibers, scrapbooking, painting, crafty, artsy stashes to decorate your cards.

  • You can decorate the bases all at once then journal each week or create each card as you go....whatever works.

  • You might want to make a home for your cards! Last time I started with a cigar box filled with bits of this and that....and tried to use what I had in the box each week. Other weeks I used magazines to collage, or my latest favorite patterned papers and embellishments. Aimee was REALLY good about only using her scrappin' stash....I LOVE how layered and ORGANIC hers were. Originally, I made a pouch for mine per Emily's example (I bought her KIT, so sorry, I have no idea where to get that fabric!) and still LOVE the pouch--even tho' my cards long ago outgrew their home!!

Ready? WEEK ONE will start on Sunday, Jun 22. I will post the prompts on ODD weeks, Aimee on EVEN weeks. Get yourself a deck of cards and maybe a box or tray or basket that will be dedicated to this project for the next year.....and let's MAKE ART!


Cynthia said...

OK sooz this sounds pretty cool. I might have to participate in this. Love what you made. The colors are delicious:)

The Style Sisters said...

Really like your blog and your creativity.


Cameron said...

Sweet, I'm in! I'll get my cigar box ready tomorrow! :)

Bethel of Bethania said...

I remember Emily doing this wonderful year of ART but please help me ... what does the WASSIMA stand for - I know I'm blonde ... Bethel