Thursday, June 19, 2008


OK...I really really need a fairy godmother to magically FIX my banner! I cannot FIGURE OUT this dang Photoshop Elements....gggrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

Going back to an oldie but goodie til I can figure out something snazzy.

Did these in PAINT. How sad it THAT?

Do you think people do them on PAPER and just scan it? I just DO NOT GET the digital stuff. Seriously--where is my DIGI-FAIRY-GODMOTHER???


Shani said...

love those banners lady. i don't know how to do them either. every time i go to make one i feel that i have to start from scratch. and i also don't know how to leave comments correctly on peoples blogs. like do i use the google/blogger identity or name/url???? ugh. so much tech! miss chatting.

Cynthia said...

You know I am so with you on that. But, I so love the blog banners you create:)I wonder if there is a blog banner 101 tutorial out there?