Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lovin' Trees. And Aprons. And Bloggers. And IKEA!

OK....THANKS to EMILY and the ladies who replied to my question on Emily's blog about the FABRIC IN THOSE APRONS!! IT IS FROM IKEA!! NO WAY SHUT UP!! I was just there and bought a yard of the TREE fabric 'cause it was precut and I didn't have the heart to keep DH waiting while I dawdled over all the bolts ....figured I'd go again for MORE. And now I MUST because I HAVE. TO. HAVE. THIS. APRON!

Wouldn't this TREE fabric be perfect for a family tree wall hanging (or pillow, or quilt or scrapbook cover?) I want to stitch names on all the leaves...oh imagine a whole FAMILY REUNION panel - the last names of the families could go up the TRUNKS and each person's first name on the leaves. Oh that would be a great QUILT, don't you think? YUM.


Philigry said...

love all that fabric! i will have to check out IKEA! thanks for visiting me and saying hello. I will be back to visit.

cynthia said...

I have been working so much and have missed checking out your blog:) Isn't Ikea fabric awesome:)