Friday, April 18, 2008


How much did we LOVE Kal Barteski's class? How much do we love her TINY ART? ....these and Donna D's swatches are so inspiring to me right now. Last night I was too tired after work to really get going on a full-on project/creative session.....but I did sharpen all my watercolor pencils and started some mini-canvases of my own.... don't know if I will add them to my art journal from Inspired or use them as background papers for scrapbooking (likely not...why do I never do that?) or just make them individual works - maybe for cards or just inspiring words/phrases/thoughts to tack on my bulletin board. Lots of possibilities!

Love the CIRCLES and SWIRLS : )

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Jennifer Compton said...

i sat down and doodled with pencil crayons last night, too! we are so connected.

i haven't taken pictures yet. but i will.

maybe we could do an art swap. whadayathink?