Monday, April 14, 2008


Well...turns out I barely took ANY PHOTOS AT ALL.....because we were too busy having a BLAST and CREATING ART! (because we are ALL ARTISTS! if you don't believe me....ask our teachers. They are professionals and they told us so!!)

Couldn't WAIT for work to be over today to come home and PLAY WITH MY PROJECTS some more....sorry I don't have more photos to share....I promise to post pics when all my projects are completed!!

In the meantime....a SHOUT OUT to all my fun new BFFs!! Love you ladies!
Now GO BE BULLETPROOF! (Photo is the canvas outside of Kal Barteski's class...LOVE HER WORK!)


Anonymous said...

gurl... i am so glad that we met. you and mrs. aimee made me laugh!! so very much fun. now i'm gonna stalk your blog. hee hee.


Aimee said...

love this my dear one----

and too shani- if you read this- go and stalk --- you better start a blog or something so i can see your photos.
see you sooz- sweet dreams- and guess what? somehow claudine found my blog and left a comment- i feel like you!