Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 25th Eve!

One more sleep 'til PHOTO DAY! I have my camera battery charged and memory card in place. (I really need to dust the bedside table before I go to sleep tonight if the first photo is to be my alarm clock upon awakening! Damn. How did housework get involved here?)
Finished putting my backgrounds together tonight....kept it VERY simple (totally scraplifted Shimelle's sample!) and am SO HAPPY I DID NOT BUY ANYTHING NEW FOR THIS PROJECT (so far)...looking forward to the "inside front cover" work....I am ready to GO!


jen c said...

you go girl!

i keep forgetting to ask you who your fav on AI is this year. i do love david cook. and brooke. but that jason is so freakin' cute. and david a's eyelashes are to die for.

Aimee said...

alright- how do you guys watch TV- i don't have time with all the time i spend reading everyone's blogs....

post your album, girl- why are you holding out on us?