Saturday, April 19, 2008

Play Day! much for the mountain of laundry I had planned to tackle yesterday after my mid-morning appointment. (I did one measly load! Shameful!) I just couldn't PUT THE PENCILS DOWN! Kal Barteski.....can I say again how INSPIRED I am because of you?

So you are some photos of the ART JOURNAL I started in Stephanie McAtee's class at Inspired. Filled it in with the scraps left over from the textured papers I used for the 8x8 page swap (thanks, again, Justy for doing such a great job pulling that together!)....and when Rob got home from work I sat and doodled while we chatted and watched a few shows we DVRd this week.

ALSO - thanks to JILLIENE for the great idea to add the 8x8 pages to the INSPIRED workbook! Now I just need to add the photos and are a few shots of some of my favorite pages from the swap. (And yes...I punched each hole in each page individually--with help from DH on the really THICK STUFF.....then remembered I have a CROP-A-DILE NOW! duh!)

My hands are all inked up again. And that makes me grin. : )

And last but not least.....thanks, Aimee for the beautiful PAGE YOU PUT TOGETHER OF US!! It's in the BOOK already and now I just need to get the rest of our photos in there! I love you BFF!


Aimee said...

man, girl---- you are prolific- working away with all of your gusto-


hope you had a great passover dinner.

talk to you soon

Shannon Parks said...

We didn’t get to meet at inspired, but I saw your post on another site and decided to stop by. I love how your journal turned out. The pages are beautiful. I love the colors and how you incorporated pieces of the event. Sweet!

Cameron said...

Oh my stinkin' heck, Lady, you are putting me to SHAME! I still haven't finished a single project. I LOOOOOOOVE your pencil crayon circles and swirls--I'm sooooo copying you!

Jan said...

your book is beautiful. love your picture!!