Wednesday, April 16, 2008


OK...going to be LATE FOR WORK but needed to give a shout out to my inspired BFFs!

How about DONNA D and all those canvas swatches??? Does she NEVER SLEEP? I am still not UNPACKED....the laundry MOUNTAIN is overflowing...and yet all I want to do is play with my new colored pencils ("pencil crayons" for those Canadians tuning in!)...

So IDOL was on...I always doodle and keep a list of who sang what....and last night I started my SAVINGS for next year's Inspired event in this cute little HEN piggy bank that has been on my desk for eons....(dollar store find that just made me grin)'s to Kal Barteski showing me how to use the WHITE PENCIL CRAYON (overtop yummy is that???)

Staying INSPIRED. See you tonight, Aim!! xoxo


jennifer compton said...

*stay inspired* LOVE that. i totally need to keep a piggy bank for next year too.

i have not unpacked one single art supply. it's like i'm afraid i might lose my inspiration or something. ack!

i'm still SOOO tired. what's up with that?

jen from inspired.
flowery branch, ga

Aimee said...

hey- finally get to comment on the the you.

had so much fun tonight- i swear - the universe threw us together for a reason.

swirls, my love

Anonymous said...

you better stay inspired bc in a few weeks we are all coming to your house for INSPIRED 2!! Got room?
i'm booking my flight now...

Niki said...

Sooz -- LOVE the new banner - LOVE LOVE the doodles -- LOVE LOVE the hen -- keep posting your awesome art sissy! Love you! LaLa xo