Sunday, October 12, 2008


Week 17 prompt is about putting together whatever is pleasing to you right now. I cannot GUSH enough about the fun I have been having with the Hitchcock Blonde kit and being a part of Cynthia's design team. This card is another reminder to me of this journey...all the pieces are my treasures and I plan to USE THEM UP, make pretty little homes for them, and have them always as a reminder of this special time. So sad that Cynthia has had to stop before it really got started...but stay tuned for more from this special girl! She has much much more up her artsy sleeves!

And here is my take on last week's prompt "Fall Is" -- oh yeah. All about the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks....cliche, I know. But still means "Fall is HERE!" for me!

...and on the back....a few other favorite things about FALL.
Happy Sunday! Off to get some errands done and enjoy this beautiful weather!



cynthia said...

Oh Sooz Fabulous cards:) and it has been such a fabulous journey with you:) You have brought so much life to my creative vision:) You are one talented and dear friend:) OH by the way I loooooove the ode to pumpkin spice:)

Cameron said...

Holy crap, how is it week 17 already???? I've done the first 4-5 weeks and every week I think, "Oh, I'll catch up this week, I love this prompt!" And here we are at 17!!! Holy buckets. Maybe after Dani leaves I will be able to really do it this week! :)

amy said...

your cards are so cool!! i just LOVE looking at them.......

Sandy said...

okay.....what is this wassima art deck prompt?? and WHY haven't i been told about this?????? hmph. (-; you make the cutest cards! you should do the next atc swap at sis!! (-:

dodi said...

I just cannot compete.... I am officially pulling my name from the Wassima Deck Cards. I absolutely drool over yours and cannot find my own ideas for mine.

I will not, however, stop checking back with you and Aimee to see both of yours. SO inspirational! SO unique! Just wonderful!

You've missed your calling... you need to TEACH this stuff!