Friday, October 10, 2008

My take on the "inspiration board"

As I was working on a layout for the Hitchcock Blonde kit I knew I wanted some way to remember this fun journey with Cynthia into her dream of creative kits in her own style. I have kept up my "Proof of Productivity" book - to capture scraps and bits of projects through the years...and I thought I'd start a special one just for the Design Team work.

And so I began with a sketch I had drawn of a layout I wanted to 'lift' from something I had seen online....and just began tacking on the various scraps and bits from the Hitchcock Blonde kit that I had accumulated after 3 layouts. And thus, I give you my first "swatch" version of an INSPIRATION BOARD. I like it.


Stella said...

Gorgeous. I just love it!

Sandy said...

that's the coolest thing i've ever seen. xo

cynthia said...

you know this layout has completely blown me away:) Genius my dear sooz, Genius.