Friday, October 03, 2008

Hitchcock Blonde Kit Layout {#3}

Oh I am SO IN LOVE with the STRING OF PEARLS paper. Had a hard time CUTTING INTO IT....but once I did I loved the look of a few strands here and there on this layout.

This photo is my mom and dad, Thanksgiving 1960. They had been married for a year by then, but my oldest sister would not enter the picture until the following December. I don't recall ever seeing this photo until very recently (thanks, Nik!) How gorgeous are those pearls on my mom?

Love her smile in this pic.

They only had 16 married years together before my father died.

What we all wouldn't do for another Thanksgiving with him.

Technicolor Postcards Hitchcock Blonde kit items: Black fibers (from burlap piece); heart cut from red burlap, Hambly transparency screenprint (Gold) and paper (Black Brocade), String of Pearls patterned paper; vintage pearl button and silk flowers; Thickers "Jewelry Box" letters in gold and black.


Niki said...

Absolutely fabulous Sooz. Simply fabulous. Brought tears to my eyes again..... THis photo of Daddy looks so much like Jackie doesn't it? You are my hero. xo lala

Sandy said...

ahhhhh...this is so lovely. you're so talented girl - i'm jealous. (or totally gel, as i like to say). xo

cynthia said...

oh Sooz!!! I adore! I adore! Thanks for sharing the story behind it. They do look so blissfully stylishly happy:)

Cameron said...

Oh Sooz... love it, love it. The journaling really tops this off... glerk (that's the sound of me swallowing the big lump in my throat)!! Fabulous!